Long-term vision

We make a long-term commitment to invest, generate opportunities and evolve. Evolving the energy sector, evolving relationships with society, evolving to accelerate. And doing all of this responsibly, with respect for people, diversity and the environment.

We seek to evolve with excellence, based on best global practices, and drive development: of the market, our collaborators’ careers, society, Bahia and Brazil.

We look to the future. This is just the first step, and we are counting on you to keep evolving.

Discover our brand and our pillars

Our name comes from a combination of the words “excellence,” “acceleration” and “energy.” The design of the brand also has a reason: it symbolizes our humanity, respect for people, dynamism and integration.

Acelen is here to evolve, putting our beliefs into practice, with the pillars that we stand on, and – of course – always looking toward a better future.

Generating Opportunities In a scenario of global transition and transformation, we are aware of our role and responsibility in generating long-term value for the entire production chain and society.
Respect for People and the Environment We respect people and value their capacity to overcome obstacles and their commitment to life and the environment as a way to create a better world.
Operational Excellence We apply the highest global standards for management and performance to generate raw material and energy for the development of the country.
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