Acelen is a conscious company.

We want to evolve together with people by generating opportunities, jobs and quality of life for local communities. We also respect the environment and do our work while looking to a future of energy transition and sustainable energy generation. And this is only possible through best corporate governance practices, ethics and transparency.

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Let’s evolve through ESG principles.

Social responsibility, local development and respect for the environment.


We are committed to making a positive social and economic impact.

Together with UNICEF, we have invested in the return to in-class teaching at 124 schools in the region by training directors and teachers.

We will improve the sanitary and hygiene facilities in 32 schools in the cities surrounding the refinery.

We have also partnered with AVSI Brasil (Associação Voluntários para o Serviço Internacional) to create social initiatives and support communities in need in the cities of Madre de Deus, São Francisco do Conde and Candeias.

Our first emergency action is the donation of 6 thousand food staple kits to three cities, allocated to families most affected by the pandemic.

Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

For Acelen, life in all of its many forms is of great value. All of our actions always seek to preserve people’s health and the environment.

No emergency situation, production or results can ever justify risks to people’s health and safety or environmental integrity.

We are all responsible for people’s health and safety and for preserving the environment in our workplaces. The roles and examples set forth by our Leaders, as well as their commitment, are essential to ensuring this result.

We supply energy to drive the development of society and seek to constantly serve all stakeholders by continuously improving our products, services and processes.

Our actions are guided by consistent compliance with applicable legislation and standards, use of best industrial practices and the commitments we have made to ensure sustainable development and the progressive transition of our energy matrix.

We have taken on the following commitments that guide our activities:

  • Eliminate, minimize or mitigate risks to people’s health and safety and to the environment;
  • Prevent, monitor, minimize and control the impacts of our activities and products on the environment and neighboring communities;
  • Consistently and fully comply with the practices of Operational Safety management;
  • Promote safe behavior among the entire workforce;
  • Promote operational discipline in accordance with all established labor rules and standards;
  • Report and disclose our performance in Health, Safety and the Environment;
  • Promote continual improvement in Health, Safety and the Environment.

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